Wednesday, July 13, 2011


There's a piratethemed hunt going on called Skull-n-Bones. Every item is 1L and it hidden throughout various stores. Not every piece of course is suitable slave-wear, but I mixed and matched some to create this look and I say it's pretty damn cute:D

Hair: Francesca-Jupiter Truth
Skin: Pout-Moonbeam Pure [Dark] Curio
Necklace: Skulls-n-Bones item Marys Threads dollarbie
Top: (part of an entire outift) Skulls-n-Bones item Kastle Rock Couture dollarbie
Belt: Skulls-n-Bones item Trident dollarbie
Scarf: (part of entire outfit) Skulls-n-Bones item J Stylez dollarbie
Panties: Plain girl Savage @ marketplace dollarbie
Feet: Jolie Pied Mid-bare SLink

Saturday, July 9, 2011


For all you gals that love freebies, you're going to love Yasum. This store not only makes amazing outfits (not cheap, but very good looking), they are very generous as well! Throughout the store there's several goodies set out all of which I love, but this little number in blue has to be my favorite.

Hair: Oceane Exile
Skin: Pout-Moonbeam Pure [Dark] Curio 
Necklace: Rusted jewelry Floor Candy @ marketplace 
Bracelet: Chum Bracelet Subscrib-o Miel freebie
Outfit: Candy Bond Groupgift Yasum freebie
Ropes: Part of Camisk Eta Una & Luas @ marketplace 
Feet: Jolie Pied Mid-bare SLink

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Hair: Becky (groupgift) Truth @ Truth District freebie
Skin: Pout-Moonbeam Pure [Dark] Curio
Earrings: Part of Spring Blossom Phoenix Rising cheapie (25L)
Top: Boes (groupgift, comes with prim bottom, not shown) Ducknipple @ Truth district freebie
Bracelet: Chum Bracelet Subscrib-o Miel freebie
Belt: Part of Mildred Working Tunic KnickKnack
Brand: Kef Branding Vigo
Feet: Jolie Pied Mid-bare SLink

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Today's look is simple and cute, with this beaded top from Izzies. This TOSL-item comes in white, pink and blue and it's really not that hard to find, I promise. The belt I'm wearing is from the Sea Hole and at first glance it's just a well-made leather belt, but if you zoom in you see that there's little weed-leaves on it! But, wheter you're a stoner or just like to get high on life, this belt will give any outfit, just that little bit of extra schwung.

Hair: Penelope Action
Skin: Pout-Moonbeam Pure [Dark] Curio
Top: Beaded Top White Izzie's freebie
Panties: Plain girl Savage @ marketplace dollarbie
Belt: Weedtastic Freebie Outfit The Seahole @ marketplace freebie
Bracelet: Celtic bracelet Inca Temple @ marketplace freebie
Brand: Kef Branding Vigo

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Note: The flowers on my shoulders are a necklace that comes with the earrings, but I edited to be on my shoulder.

Hair: Miranda-Jupiter Truth
Skin: Pout-Moonbeam Pure [Dark] Curio
Necklace and earrings: Spring Blossom Phoenix Rising cheapie (25L)
Dress: ~*PS*~ @ marketplace dollarbie

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pretty in pink

Everyone who loves freebies, knows about fabfree. I check out the blog quite regularly, but I hadn't been in the headquarters in ages. So I went in and had a look, not everything there's my taste, but I found some real gems in there. It's the ideal place to take all your noob friends and make them pretty, but grab some yourself while you're at there!

Hair: Lacy Milana
Skin left: SMFB @ fabfree headquarters freebie
Skin right: Imagen @ fabfree headquarters freebie
Butterfly: A:S:S @ fabfree headquarters freebie
Henna tattoo: Enlil @ fabfree headquarters freebie
Camisk: Cute Pink Camisk Floor Candy cheapie (50l)
Brand: Kef Branding Vigo

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Black passion

I'm not sure about the gor-ness of this outfit, to be honest, but it sure does look cute if I may say so myself. Work killed me today so let's skip the chatter and go to the picture!

Hair: 2nd anniversary gift D!va freebie
Top: (part of) Summer Breeze Hunt Sassy Kitty freebie
Necklace: Dreamcatcher Necklace Gift Willow freebie
Panties: Winter Etiquette Lingerie @ marketplace cheapie (10L)
Belly chain: (part of) Belled Slave Rags Black Cat Bones

Skin: Pout-Moonbeam Pure [Dark] Curio
Brand: Kef Branding Vigo

Furniture: Free companions couch Black Cat Bones cheapie (25L)